About Elizabeth Seder

The founder of  Purple Nest  Design, Elizabeth  Seder, had a  vision almost  20 years ago to begin this business. In fact, it came as  a sudden flash  of inspiration  on a  park  bench  in beautiful  San  Francisco.  But  importing  uniquely handcrafted  designs  from  around  the  world  is  not  for  the faint  of  heart. While  the  idea  persisted, so  too  did  the  need to make a  living  and  pay  the  bills. Then she  married  and  had  three  amazing  children  who  needed  her attention and time.   As  her  children  grew older  the  idea  still  was  remained.  Her  family  and  friends  were  tired  of  hearing  her  talk  about  the  business  she  wanted  to  open (and she was too) – it  was  time  to  get  out  there  and  do it.  Sometimes  timing  really  is  everything.  Although  the vision of the business changed over time, the idea persisted until it  was  finally  the  right  time  to  make it happen. Elizabeth has always loved traveling throughout the world, and traveled as much as she could. Each time she took another journey, she found gorgeously distinctive items that filled her home. After hearing friends and family comment for years on her beautiful decorations, she knew that people wanted to display unusual pieces to make their home tell their own story – often they just didn’t know how or where to buy handcrafted items. Purple Nest Design was officially created to bridge art, handcrafted design, modern American taste, and purposeful social impact. 

Throughout her career, Elizabeth has been involved in international development work. Closer to home, she has spent a significant amount of time helping Americans on welfare get retrained and re-educated to move up and out of the system to best provide for their families. Internationally she worked in several International Non-Governmental Organizations on income generation and micro-enterprise  for  impoverished  families,  educational  development  for   youth,  and  women’s  empowerment.  The  common thread is that she wants to empower people to make positive lasting changes and improve their lives. It was through these seemingly disparate experiences – seeing so many beautiful items in the world and being inspired by both the personal successes here in  America  and  abroad  –  that  she  decided  to  mesh  a purposeful business with new and beautifully crafted pieces for your home. Making significant and lasting change individuals’ lives is critically important to Liz and is reflected in the business she runs. Purple Nest Design is the culmination of a long held dream coming to fruition – dreams do come true!.