Working with women and men in mostly rural areas across the world, we bring together international artisans and people in the U.S. who care about making purchases that make a difference. By bridging art, aesthetics, and thoughtful action we form a unique ecosystem with our customers that helps artisans sustain their particular craft and overcome challenges while bringing strikingly beautiful designs to your home.
Our artisans have often had to overcome many barriers to bring their goods to market. Purple Nest Design provides our artisans with access to wider marketplaces than they would have had in their local community. In connecting their artistic expressions with you, you can be sure that you are making a real difference in communities around the world. We work with artisans not only to bring you beautiful pieces from around the globe, but also because at the core of who we are and what we believe is that by purchasing goods we can work together towards poverty alleviation – starting artisan by artisan and extending out to family by family. Whole families are able to raise themselves up through sharing their artful talents with you.

At Purple Nest Design, we work with both small family designers as well as larger cooperatives – but all of our partners have poverty alleviation at the core of their mission. All artisans at Purple Nest Design receive a fair wage for their work to ensure that they have opportunity to increase their ability to provide for their families and grow their businesses. We know that bringing additional income, resources, and opportunities to all our artistic partners does truly make a difference in their lives. At Purple Nest Design, that’s truly at the heart of what keeps us engaged and fulfilled in our work.