Design Process

Each work of art that Purple Nest Design displays is truly a unique gift. No two items are exactly alike because artisans create each item by hand for you. We are proud to specialize in uniquely beautiful gifts for your home that tell a story. We work with our artisans to create designs that fit the modern American home but preserve the original cultural influences that make each one distinct. Each item at Purple Nest Design comes with information on the cultural or artisan story of the design piece. We want to share with you what makes each home décor piece unique so you have a story to tell too.
Our design team works with each artisan and cooperative to understand the specialized process for creating each item. We carefully look at designs so that we can be sure that each piece is beautifully crafted and maintains its cultural significance. We work closely with our artisans throughout the design process to ensure that every home décor item we showcase is high quality and finished to our specifications.