Artisans - Our International Partners

For every purchase you make through Purple Next Design, we give 5% back of our profits to the communities that make our artful pieces. We believe that beautiful things can equal beautiful deeds. We give back to organizations and Non-Governmental Organizations that help whole communities through education, women’s empowerment, and micro and small enterprise development. We give back because it’s at the heart of who we are and what we believe in.


Tejiendo sueños Foundation – For all of our Wayuu made designs, we give back to children’s educational projects that specifically support the Wayuu people in Colombia. Our support includes building schools for Wayuu children and funding Wayuu-defined educational projects.


BoMake Foundation – Funded teacher training for 42 teachers from the rural communities to provide practical and essential tools to equip 1030 children for school readiness. Purple Nest Design will help to contribute to educate for 360 children within 5 years and create youth activities and clubs at rural schools where our artisans live. To continue women’s empowerment through small business development, we also donate to their micro-enterprise program that has helped to develop group savings programs for each of the families.