Social Impact Business

When people thrive through crafting their art, Purple Nest believes that whole communities can be transformed. Not only do local art traditions persist that are sometimes in danger of disappearing, but artisans are able to earn a good living and provide for their families. We donate 5% of our profits back to artisans’ local communities.
Through our work, we know that when artisan families earn a steady income, they are able to fund their children’s education, pay for necessary health issues, and keep meals on the table. The items that you buy specifically help each artisan family to empower themselves and put an end to poverty. When artisans are able to provide for their families and children, they become more empowered.
When women artisans have additional income, often the first thing that they will fund is their children’s education. In all areas of the world, educating children is a vital piece of the puzzle in providing additional opportunities. Educating girls especially has a direct correlation to lower birth rates and higher income potential later in life. We know that educating girls eventually leads to a more educated family and that’s making whole communities better.
We donate 5% of our profits back to organizations who are change-makers in education, health, and women’s empowerment. Help us be part of positive change throughout the world.