Reversible Daffodil and Off White

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This lovely throw blanket is woven in the hills outside of Otavalo, Ecuador by several artisans in the same family.  The men weavers use their weight and strength to pull back on the alpaca yarns during the weaving processensuring a  tight weave for our specifically designed cozy throws.  After the throw is woven, the women artisans use a native plant, called a Teasal, to hand brush the fibers of the throw over and over so that the finished throw is extremely soft to the touch. Then the throw is beautifully finished by our artisans who hand-sew all around the edges.  

This specialty throw is woven such that the daffodil color is on one side and shows as a lighter version of daffodil on the off-white side.  This throw is very versatile and has two different sides of color in the same tone.  It is reversible. 

Measures 94 X 80 inches