Reversible Alpaca Throw Blanket - Diamond Dark Blue Gray and Black

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This lovely throw or bed accent blanket is woven in the hills outside of Otavalo, Ecuador by several artisan weavers in the same family. After carefully selecting the fibers and design, the men weavers use their weight and strength to pull back on the alpaca yarns while weavingensuring a tight weave for our specifically designed cozy throws.  Then the throw is beautifully finished by our women weavers who hand-sew all around the edges.  This luxurious throw is fully reversible and is a beautiful addition to any room.

Alpaca is an eco-friendly, hypo-allergenic fiber that is warmer than sheep's wool per gram of fiber. Alpaca fibers are completely hollow, whereas sheep's wool only contains pockets of air.  Unlike wool fibers, alpaca is not itchy because the fine and sleek alpaca fiber has a smooth surface and does not contain any lanolin.  Our throws are very soft and provide great warmth.  

Our Diamond Throw has shades of dark blue, gray and black and is reversible.  The other side features a light cream with accents of blue and gray.  

This throw or accent blanket is 80 inches by 94 inches.  It will fit a full/queen bed or can be used as a throw.